Hi, I'm Arpan!

About Me

    🤠 Howdy! My name's Arpan Kumar, and I'm a junior computer science major at Texas A&M University.

    🤓 I've previously worked with MIT Lincoln Laboratories on the software behind autonomous vehicles, which sparked an interest in me in deep learning, big data analysis, and algorithm design.

    💼 My dream job would be to design algorithms to solve problems in robotics, finance, or healthcare.

    🤖 Right now, I'm working on a personal project to build a robot capable of autonomously playing air hockey using computer vision and machine learning!

    🤝 I'm a big believer in the power of teamwork and mentorship.

    🧑‍🏫 I was super fortunate to be selected to work as an undergraduate teaching assistant for Data Structures and Algorithms (the youngest ever in department history!)

    👋 I spend the bulk of my time working directly with students, whether it's teaching them in labs/recitations, holding office hours, or simply answering emails.

    🔥 This experience has given me a really good understanding of how much more people are capable of when given the tools to solve their own problems and has really encouraged me to be a better communicator.

    🏐 Outside of class, I really enjoy lifting, playing volleyball or spikeball, and spending time with my friends.